Filati Naturali , together with Pecci Filati, form a hub of excellence for the production of yarns (Manifattura Pecci 1884), emboding the experience and inheriting the values of one of the most representative companies in the history of the textile industry of the Prato area: the Lanificio Pecci. Over a century of enterprise, that incorporated its growth with the Made in Italy worldwide, as an expression of excellence in the textile industry of Prato.  A century of expertise, holding a value that cannot be simply replicated.

The explicit quality of the high range raw materials, to re-define the new contemporary classics of excellence: this is the mission of the Filati Naturali  brand, which holds its centre in the research and evolution of raw materials.

In the recent apparel consumption evolution, there has been a tendency of recognising and appreciating the inherent quality of the value of a product, especially in the most exclusive segment of the market.

It is the consolidated competencies of the company that make the difference in this context, being able to select materials and the ability of developing manufacturing processes that originated from the ancient textile culture and those elements that cannot be replicated without years of experience and knowledge.

The range of Filati Naturali is placed is in this setting, its focus being the quality of its raw materials, the excellence of the manufacturing and the know-how of addressing the offer to the most contemporary fashion trends.

A process that is embedded in the most authentic meaning of the Made in Italy and which begins with the selection of the material, continues with its transformation enhancing its qualities, and completes itself with the ability of matching the outcome to the highest fashion market standards, requirements and trends.

Throughout the production, the values of passion and dedication are reflected, as well as the commitment to be genuine: eco-friendly as well as maintaining the purity of the raw materials. A mission pursued through the interpretation of the concept of Intimate Luxury connected to a more tactile, personalised perception rather then the ephemeral display approach.